Three arguments why we should not bring the Syrian refugees to the U.S.

We all have been bombarded by the MSM and those who support unconditional access to the United States by the Syrian refugees. Those of us who are vocally opposed to the relocation of refugees who have not been vetted for security risks have been demonized as anti-immigrant and/or selfish. I suggest that almost all of us who are opposed to this Syrian refugee relocation program are opposed to the relocation for several reasons. For me, here are just three broad based reasons.

1. The United States of America simply does not have the resources to care for the refugees here in the United States. I have yet to see an explanation how bringing the refugees here to the United States is the best use of financial resources. And, while the United States has historically and sacrificially helped many nations and peoples in times of trouble, the United States needs to take care of its’ own family first. While our budgets running at enormous deficits, we still have not cared for those who made our freedoms and peaceful holiday possible. With so many homeless and hurting veterans, we need to focus and tend to their needs first before we go trying to help other nations with their needs.

2.  While I do understand that most of the refugees cannot remain temporarily within Syria, the policy of relocating them here within the United States is not clear to me. First, by bringing them to the United States, it creates a permanent resettlement for them that does not need to happen. Civilian displacement is always a casualty of war and civil war. Once the conflict is over, it is a better policy to have those displaced indigenous populations to return to their original homes once the conflict has ceased. Second, by not requiring the neighboring countries of the Syrian refugees to step up and participate in helping in the housing and care for these people, you further disrupt the refugees’ cultural identity. Keeping them close, but safe, to their ancestral home provides hope of returning to a place they know. Further, the neighboring countries which are more culturally aligned with these refugees than the United States are better destinations than the United States. I fully realize the problems that the Sunni Muslim and Shia Muslim nations have with helping and receiving help from one another. But, at some point these two sibling groups need to grow up and get along. This is the perfect opportunity. The United States should not enable the sibling rift. The United States needs to use its’ influence to push both sides to cooperate with each other.

3.  There has been much blowback from those who do not see that bringing in Syrian refugees is a national security threat. Some of the arguments that there is not a national security threat include quotes from our President. However, the President’s own people have stated that there is a national security risk. For example, FBI Director James Comey stated regarding the challenges of screening Syrian refugees, “We can query our databases until the cows come home, but nothing will show up because we have no record of that person…You can only query what you have collected.” Fortunately, Congress has stepped up and conducted an inquiry. The House Homeland Security Committee issued a preliminary finding that there is a grave national security risk by bringing in unvetted refugees to the United States. The same committee recommended that all admissions of Syrian refugees be suspended until there is a mechanism to screen out those refugees with terrorism ties.

These are just three reasons that I came up with. I am sure that you all can think of more. So, the next time someone thinks that you are anti-immigrant or selfish, present these arguments to them. My guess is that they cannot refute any of them.

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