What I Like About Christmas

At this time of year, I and other Christians reflect on the “Christ” in Christmas.

So what does that really mean reflecting on Christ?

Over the years, it has meant several different things to me. Yet, it always surrounds some kind of concept of gifts. Naturally, as a Christian, I think of the free and unconditionally offered gift of Jesus Christ. As I have gotten older, it means that receiving a physical gift has become less and less important. I am not sure that my motivation was the “It is more blessed to give rather than receive” thing. But, giving an unconditional, unexpected gift to someone has become a great joy to me.

This year was different. It was a harder year than normal for the Nelson Spear family. Admittedly, I was feeling a little down. Then, just yesterday, I received my gift. As I was driving around town running errands for Nancy and Dan, I had the opportunity to encounter and engage with dozens of people. It was then that I saw that everyone was purposefully projecting a positive spirit. To describe it as a spirit of unconditional love and giving would not do justice to the feelings that I was picking up from everyone that I encountered. My gift was seeing this sacrificial feeling from everyone. To say that I felt convicted would be an understatement because I knew without a doubt in my heart that this feeling was “Christ”mas based.

My gift of being able to see the good in people, as Christ did, will not be a wasted gift. Even when people do bad things, I will look for the good. I will look forward to a fantastic 2016.

Merry Christmas and God Bless All of You.

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