Carly Fiorina: America’s Iron Lady

A candidate for any office, especially President, must have the ability to clearly articulate their vision especially in a debate format. While most of the other Republicans running for President can debate fairly well, not all of them are good at avoiding getting rattled. Carly Fiorina can do both. She has shown that she is an articulate debater and, even when she is being verbally pushed in a debate, she is unflappable.

Being able to take an aggressive debate position is important for the Fall 2016 debates against the eventual Democrat nominee because I believe that nominee will be Hillary Clinton. There will be challenges in debating Clinton. For example, I still remember the 2000 New York Senate campaign where she and Rick Lazio squared off. The two campaigns were in a very tight race until Lazio “bully” challenged her during a debate to sign a soft money pledge. Clinton played the challenge well and feigned no offense. Although it was irrelevant that this was a race for the United States Senate and that had Clinton been a man, Lazio’s actions would have been acceptable, voters hated the fact that a male candidate would treat a female candidate that way. And it cost him the race.

Again, Carly has shown that she can stand toe to toe with anyone in a debate. In fact, she reminds me of another strong leader who happens to be a female. Britain’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher proved that a woman can effectively and successfully lead a world power. I believe that Carly is the best person that we have to hold the office of President of the United States. She can be America’s Iron Lady.

Please join me in supporting Carly for President.

Carly Fiorina for President

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