Being Accessible

  1. Being Accessible. A county chair should be visible and accessible to the community. A county chair should strive to make themselves available to meet all Republicans who are running for office or who want to run for office as a Republican especially those Republicans running for a state-wide office.

Being accessible not only means being available to talk, but it also means listening to those that don’t agree with you on everything that you believe in. I will make it a priority to meet with anyone and any group that has a concern about the future of the Republican Party. Being accessible also means returning phone calls in a timely manner and keeping their county headquarters open for more than a few hours per week.

Being accessible also means transparency. The Republicans in any county should know how their County Chair stands on mainstream Republican issues such as: abortion, national defense, the national debt, immigration and the death penalty. The Republican Party of Texas has provided a way for all candidates who seek the Republican nomination for any particular office to express their views about the Platform of the Republican Party of Texas. Specifically, the Republican Party of Texas has provided a form that each candidate can fill out if they so choose. My form is here.

One final thought, no matter where the county chair stands on hot button issues, the Republicans in that county have to feel secure that they will have a place at the table of discussion even if they may disagree with the County Chair on one or more issues.

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