Making Sure the Trains Run on Time

I have proposed 7 Principles of an Effective County Chair, and over the next several weeks, I will be blogging about each of the 7 principles and expanding upon each of them with a few more details to make each principle a little more clear and informative. I am interested in your feedback throughout this process. Please comment here on the blog, or tweet me @NelsonSpear.

1. Making sure the trains run on time.

The first purpose of the county chair is to make sure that the elections run smoothly. This is a very tough job and the chair cannot do this alone. From poll watchers, to election judges and interactions with county officials and other Election Day activities, a county chair has to be on hand to deal with the complete running of the elections.

In addition to the duties noted above, it is the job of a county chair to provide as much information to the voter about all of the candidates seeking their party’s nomination. In future elections, I envision a column that would link to a particular candidate’s voting record.

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