Calling out another hypocritical leftist in their attack on “big oil.”

So former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R?) wants big oil to put a warning label on all products that contain fossil fuel. He recently stated that, “Every gas station on it, every car should have a warning label on it, every product that has fossil fuels should have a warning label on it.”

Ok friends, I will be glad to help the multi-millionaire, global environmentalist, movie star start his list so that he knows exactly all the products that “big oil” makes possible:

1. Makeup – We know that you use makeup for your movies and personal appearances every day. Lip gloss, lipstick, foundation, etc., all contain petroleum products. The comb and brushes that you or your personal assistant (!) use also contain petroleum products. We also know that you look for the “100% animal abuse free” products.
2. Clothing – We know that you would never use leather or eat meat right? Right? Thus, we know that you would use wool, cotton and synthetic material for your entire wardrobe. We know that you used to show off your body with fewer clothes, but almost all of the clothes that you wear have a connection to the oil industry. Your cotton and wool were processed using petroleum btw.
3. Plastics – We know that all plastics have a petrochemical compound. Your plastic buttons on your 100% synthetic suit are produced using petroleum products. While there are some biomass-based plastics, I know that you use some plastic every day like those water bottles.
4. Candles – We know that you like natural light and avoid using fossil fuels at night to conserve energy. But those nice candles that you burn every night to conserve energy are most likely 100% fossil fuels. If you are not using candles, you might use “natural” oil that comes from animals. Yikes.
5. Nutritional supplements, medicines and pain killers – We know that you never took anything that was not 100% natural to get the body that you used to build your career. But some people take synthetic vitamins and nutritional supplements.
6. Soaps – We know that you personally take your clothing down to the closest creek and washout your clothes with 100% non-agrarian, re-filtered (without charcoal) water right? The rest of us use a drycleaner that has to use those chemicals. The rest of us use various soaps that all contain a petroleum base.
7. Sports – We know that you love your sports and various sporting equipment all contain petroleum created items. Strings for your rackets, golf balls, helmets, plastic parts for the items used in sports all have an indispensable connection to the oil industry.
8. Basic Travel – We know that you like to arrive in style. However, I am not big oil enough to have a private helicopter for my work commute. But all transportation has a component connection to petroleum. The process of manufacturing synthetic tires (no more cutting down those rubber trees, right?) cannot be started without big oil. The asphalt for all public roads are petroleum based.

Governor, next time that you want 15-seconds of fame, make a movie. Please avoid attacking things that you do not know about. At the very least, please do a little research into the area that you intend to villainize.


Nelson Spear
A West Texas Oilman

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