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The Democrats’ Bold New Energy Platform: Zero Fossil Fuels

“America must be running entirely on clean energy by mid-century” – 2016 Democratic Party platform


Foolishness over fossil fuels

U.S. energy policy continues to rest on the fantasies of dreamers


Oil milestone: Fracking fuels half of US output

Fracking accounts for 4.3 million barrels per day


5 Truths About Fracking The Media Missed In 2015

The United States benefited enormously from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in 2015; but media outlets have mostly focused on headlines about earthquakes and aquifer pollution — neither of which have sufficient evidence to draw conclusions.


The EPA’s Newest Strategy to Sneakily Restrict Fracking, Drilling

Recently the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced major new regulations on the emissions of methane into the air from oil and gas production.


Colorado’s Anti-Fracking Retreat

Democrats withdraw a referendum to protect Senator Mark Udall.


Not a parody: Beverly Hills bans fracking

The City Council of Beverly Hills has unanimously voted to ban hydraulic fracking within the city’s boundaries.


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