What We Learned From The Democrats This Week

This week, the Democrats held their national convention in Philadelphia. I watched and I commented, mostly on Twitter, along with many of you. I wanted to sort of summarize the week that was the Democrat convention, and so here are a few of my thoughts as they happened throughout the week. At the bottom of this post are a few links that I hope you will look at and consider sharing. If you enjoy this post, I would ask you to share it as well.

This is just a sampling of the tweets I tweeted this week. I invite you to visit my entire Twitter feed here and see what I had to say all during the week.

I attended the Republican National Convention last week in Cleveland. I posted about my experience at the convention. What the Democrats have to offer this country, is a stark contrast compared to what the Republicans have to offer. The Republican House has presented “Six big ideas from the “Better Way” plan” which is a governing agenda that the Republicans are running on this fall.

Hillary and the Democrats pretend to care, and they talk a lot about compassion. There is no compassion is breaking laws that are in place. There is no compassion is “free” college for anyone who wants to attend. There is no compassion in making the national minimum wage $15 or more, which will subsequently send many with jobs to the unemployment lines. There is no compassion in continuing to put greater trust in a Washington bureaucracy than in the people of this great country. There is no compassion is continuing to put military and police lives in danger by using inflammatory rhetoric that makes people more hostile, rather than looking at root causes in the “village” and addressing those humanely and personally.

I hope you saw the contrast I saw this week. I would love to hear your feedback here, or on Twitter, or on Facebook.


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