Building a Strong, Active Coalition with Other Counties

  1. Building a strong, active coalition with other counties. A county chair needs to be the bridge in building new relationships with other counties. This is especially true with our sister counties in Senate District 31 and Congressional District 11. County chairs should encourage their own people to visit and build relationships with other active Republicans.

There are many ways that we can build coalitions with other Republicans in other counties. Below is just one idea that came to me the other day.

While working the 2010 primary for Governor Rick Perry, I had the pleasure of hosting a phone bank at my office in Midland. We had a good turnout; there were probably eight of us making calls that Saturday morning. However, on reflecting on it this last weekend, I now realize that we probably missed an opportunity to coordinate with our neighboring counties of Ector and Andrews. While Governor Perry easily won the primary, I now reflect what kind of impact that we might have had had the volunteers of those three counties conferred a little on phone calling and walking lists.

This brings me to the point of today’s post – building coalitions with other counties. The purpose of building coalitions with other counties is not only to build camaraderie with the counties, but it is primarily to help our Republicans get elected. Thinking locally, I can envision how Midland County and Ector County can work together especially on their shared border. For example, we can have central locations within Midland County and Ector County where volunteers can pick up maps and walking lists and yard signs. Further, we can also delegate the organizing of phone banking to one county and the organizing of events to another county. Can you imagine the outcome of any general election voter turnout with this type of coordination? I certainly can. And it is this kind of vision that we are going to need this November to defeat the plans of Wendy Davis and Barack Obama and their Battleground Texas plans.

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