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National Empty Chair Day 2015

Today is National Empty Chair Day. Please place an empty chair in front of your house to represent the failed policies of Barack Obama.

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Another sign that America’s Republic may be in jeopardy

Friends, Most of you know of my interest in precious metals.  And, it does not normally bother me that most people don’t know or understand basic economic concepts.  However, the link below shows just how ignorant some people are. In this clip, … Continue reading

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Today Is National Empty Chair Day

Two years ago, I started the National Empty Chair Day as noted on the Texas GOP Vote website. I wrote two years ago that the empty chair represented the failed economic policies of Barack Obama. I noted then that the empty chair … Continue reading

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Republicans, Hope and Road To Singapore

To all of my fellow Republican candidates who came up short on Election night, please let me add my words of encouragement to those that already have been given to you.  I know that many people have already provided many … Continue reading

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Nelson receives the early endorsement of Santa Claus

What an honor to receive the endorsement of the man himself. Santa was quoted as saying, “Nelson has always been on my good list.  Voters of Midland county should be glad to have Nelson as their next Republican county chair.”

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