Statement About Governor Mike Pence Selection

Statement of Nelson Spear on Donald Trump’s selection of Indiana Governor Mike Pence to be his running mate.

This morning, our presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, confirmed that Indiana Governor Mike Pence would be his running mate.

I think this is a positive step leading up to our convention in Cleveland. Mike Pence, as a Governor of a Midwest state, understands flyover country; he understands the working man, the working families, and has sought to improve their lives during his time as a Congressman from Indiana, and now as their Governor.

One of the more encouraging signs about the choice of Governor Pence is that Donald Trump has chosen someone with whom he has disagreed with in the past. This is good. This means there will not be a “yes man” at the table helping to make big decisions. Governor Pence brings to the conversation a different perspective that can sharpen Donald Trump’s message into a message that will bring Americans together again instead of dividing them.

In an interview with Ripon Forum in 2014 leading up to the midterms, Governor Pence stated the following:

“We Republicans need to offer a positive alternative to the failed policies of President Obama and the Democrats. We need to be “solutions conservatives.” We need to showcase constructive solutions that will lead to more economic opportunity and upward mobility for everyone. This includes fixing our broken tax code, reforming health care in a way that lowers costs and gives families greater ownership of their healthcare choices, reducing job-killing regulations and changing our safety net programs in ways that truly help people move up out of poverty.”

I welcome this approach, and I welcome Governor Mike Pence to the Republican ticket and I look forward to working together in the fall campaign as we offer a clear alternative to the American people.

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6 Responses to Statement About Governor Mike Pence Selection

  1. Coby Easterwood says:


  2. I think it is the wrong choice for THIS election.

    I’m a political animal and ive never heard of this man.
    I’m sure he is a great American and a awesome republican but he is going to have to be sold to Americans.

    Trump had a chance to seal the deal with out of the box selection that would bring over the minority vote and he failed.

    48 hours ago I had a great feeling about our chances.

    Now I have sinking feeling…

    Brother Nelson I hope and pray I’m wrong



    love it
    come together
    so happy

  4. Pat Kennedy says:

    Michael Hudgins…..You must not be very politically inquisitive if you haven’t heard of Mike Pence. True, he has not been one to beat his drums, but he doesn’t have to. He was a quiet, serious man in Congress that got things done without applause. His time as IN governor has served the people of IN well. His Congressional and governor experience should serve him and Trump well. Hopefully, he will be a calming effect on Trump in making serious and critical decisions.
    I am a little concerned about his stand on immigration, the refugees and Muslims , but after the recent attacks in France and the U.S…..I believe he will follow whatever Trump decides to do about the borders and immigration issues. I have been actively involved in the border and immigration issues for the past 15 years and I have seen what is coming into our country illegally. Americans should not accept anything less than secured borders, enforce 1986 immigration laws, close down sanctuary cities, mandate E-Verify, repeal the Central American refugee status and stop automatic citizenship to illegal babies….and definitely no amnesty in any form to anyone….and this is just for starters!! The temporary work visas is another issue that needs close attention and revisions.

  5. You spelled name wrong.

    I stopped reading at that first mistake!

    Have a great day!

  6. Steve Pruett says:

    Governor Pence is an outstanding selection for a running mate that demonstrates good judgment on Mr. Trump’s part. Pence is an experienced Congressman and conservative Governor of an important state and well respected within the Republican party. I hope Gov. Pence can help bring out the “establishment” Republican vote to complement Mr. Trump’s more anti-establishment block.

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