A Day Called Christmas

I think that sometimes as Christians we forget the importance of offering the non-secular, evangelical expression of “Merry Christmas” to someone.

Despite what anyone or any court says, any recognition of Christmas is an affirmative and definitive statement that Father God chose to send His only Son in the form of a Man so that all mankind can be redeemed and reconciled back to Father God. To me, proclaiming “Merry Christmas” is the simplest method of proclaiming the Gospel message.

With the above said, leaders, including political leaders, should not be afraid to publicly express the same sentiment. Historically, the United States is a Christian nation despite what many say. The United States first officially observed Christmas as a holiday as a result of a law passed in 1870 while Ulysses S. Grant was President. By subsequently enacted laws, the United States expanded its’ observance of Christmas in 1885 and later in 1968. I note that it was the Democrat Party who was in control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate when the 1968 bill was passed. And, it was a Texas born Democrat President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who signed the bill into law.

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Although under direct assault by a vocal minority, the United States still observes Christmas as a national holiday. That standing observance by the Federal government still means nothing less than the proud and bold proclamation that Father God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to redeem man from sin.

The United States is a Christian nation. Don’t let anyone convince you of anything less.


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