Effectively Communicating the Conservative Message

  1. Effectively communicating the conservative message. Too many times conservatives allow themselves to be negatively labeled by non-conservatives. A county chair needs to be writing, speaking and defending the conservative message. Additionally, the county chair needs to set the tone of the dialogue in debates. A county chair should also make sure that their county takes advantage of all of the media that is available. The county’s website should be regularly updated and current with contact information and upcoming events.

I have two quick thoughts on this Principle:

First, when I first drafted the 7 Principles over five months ago, I should have made it clear that the county chair needs to be consistently writing, speaking and defending the conservative message. Effective communication can only be matured with practice and evaluation by other conservatives.

Second, the means to communicate the Conservative message is easier today than ever. Between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many, many blogging websites, the opportunities abound to spread the Conservative message. Yet, I think that we are squandering opportunities that are not related to the media. Specifically, I think that we need to return to the human touch.

We do this in two ways:

1). We need to go to where the crowds are. For example, about four times a year, Midland County has a huge gun and knife show. Thousands of people attend this. What a prime opportunity to not only meet people and talk to them about the 2nd Amendment, but also to register them to vote. See the picture below, I took this picture just this past weekend while I had a sponsorship table at the show. Look at all those potential Republican voters that would can potentially engage with, simply by showing up.

Midland Gun Knife Show Nelson Spear

Midland Gun & Knife Show, February 1, 2014

2). We also need to create our own crowds. For example, in 2012, several of us organized with the Midland County Republican Women to form Despierta Tu Voz, an organization dedicated to helping minorities realize their conservative values. In September 2013, we had a phenomenal event with many honored guests and speakers including Senator Ted Cruz who was our headline speaker (see picture below). The event was so successful that many of the speakers have committed to returning to our function in 2014.

Senator ted Cruz in Midland - Nelson Spear

US Senator Ted Cruz at the Despierta Tu Voz event in Midland, September 2013.

Communicating the conservative message takes commitment. I have been committed to such an effort on behalf of my fellow Republicans, both in my writing and in my appearances in interviews and on panels. I hope to continue to serve our cause in this way as your Chairman of the Midland County Republican Party.

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