Fundraising With A Purpose

  1. Fundraising with a purpose. County chairs need to have a financial plan for keeping the lights on and training for poll workers, election judges and precinct chairman. In order to keep grassroots workers focused and motivated, funding for training and support of grassroots efforts needs to be available. Until regular, individual precinct meetings can occur, “ward” meetings made of several precincts should be held ASAP for the upcoming November 2014 elections.

Yearly fundraising events are important for two reasons.

1). fundraising events raise money. When funding the local headquarters competes against other worthy causes, sometimes the county headquarters takes the back burner. Therefore, having a regular event with top rated speakers becomes important. When there is a regular event, the local people will come to expect the event at roughly the same time of year. Regular local events are necessary because for many people who cannot afford to attend those real expensive fundraisers, a regular, local event may be their only chance to shake hands with someone like Governor Perry or Senator Cruz. Many people have a strong desire to meet and shake hands with a particular leader. However, many people cannot afford to give big bucks to attend a private fundraiser, but they can afford $35 per person for an event that includes Governor Perry and Ted Cruz.

In addition, once a significant amount of people are gathered in one place to talk about Republican issues, other Republican officeholders, and especially the candidates, will come. Based upon my experience, they will come in droves. The advantage of this is that these people can be spread out among the event ensuring that most of the locals present can have the opportunity to meet at least a few of the officeholders and candidates. Thus, the regular, local event meets the needs of two groups.

2). Less obvious, and yet just as important, they build community.

As I write this, I am constantly reminded of the example of the annual pig roast over in Lea County, New Mexico. For well over 20 years, Ann and Ken Batson have organized their local event. The event has evolved in the largest regional event for the Republican Party of New Mexico. Any candidate in New Mexico even thinking about running for state-wide office would not dare not show up to this event. The event, at about $35 a head, attracts not only the mainstay Republicans, but also the less active Republicans. Many Democrats come to this event. Who could ask for more, Democrats giving directly to the local Republican Party? The Pig Roast also holds the attention of the people for at least two hours. During the event, the speakers have the ability to remind the people why they are Republicans.

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