Standing With Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz was elected as a Texas United States Senator because he was a man of conviction and principle. One of the issues that Cruz campaigned against was the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare).

So was it to anyone’s surprise that he has made it a point to do something about ObamaCare?

Not to me. Nor should it be a surprise to anyone else that was awake during the 2012 election. And as time goes on, everyone, including those on the left, can see what a boondoggle that Obamacare has become. Its’ implementation has been extended several times. We have exemptions for certain government bodies. We have exemptions for certain private entities, but not for Hobby Lobby (a well-known Christian organization). The cost of ObamaCare will be adding to our national deficit. In just a few days, our national debt will be $17 trillion. Our national debt is now exceeding our GDP. The hope and change for lower and more accessible health care insurance has not materialized. In fact, things are turning out to be worse. Even some on the left are calling for a revamping of the entire scheme.

I personally believe that the national deficit is one of the biggest threats to America’s sovereignty. Therefore, I say good for Ted Cruz and for his courageous stance against the implementation of the [Un]Affordable Care Act. Let’s remind those critical of Ted Cruz, particularly those on the left, the words penned by Thomas Jefferson. “One man with courage makes a majority.”

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